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Children covered by NYS Medicaid are entitled to Medicaid orthodontics | Medicaid braces. Dr. neil Gorin is the dental director at managed ortho nyc.  he has participated with the nys orthodontic program for more than 20 years and is an expert at preparing your records and your request for orthodontic treatment for submission to the NYS Medicaid orthodontic program. If a disappointing decision is returned by Medicaid, Dr. Gorin will personally handle your appeal and assist you every step of the way.

Does Medicaid pay Dr. Gorin for orthodontic treatment (braces)?

If you are younger than 21 and Medicaid covers your dental treatment, you automatically have orthodontic coverage. You are entitled to braces if you fit the NYS Medicaid Orthodontic Program guidelines.

How much orthodontic treatment am I allowed under Medicaid at Dr. Gorin’s office?

Every child is entitled to have an immediate consultation with Dr. Gorin at either the Lynbrook or Brooklyn office. The Medicaid orthodontic program will pay Dr. Gorin in the Brooklyn or Lynbrook office to evaluate a patient’s orthodontic needs. Dr. Gorin will perform a complete orthodontic clinical examination and take a set of orthodontic records, which will be forwarded to Medicaid or your Medicaid managed care plan.

What type of orthodontic records does Dr. Gorin take during the Medicaid orthodontic consultation?

Dr. Gorin takes the same orthodontic records that he does for every patient. Impressions of the upper and lower teeth are taken so that stone casts of the orthodontic condition may be documented. Dr. Gorin utilizes state-of-the-art digital radiology for the orthodontic x-rays that are taken. Photographs of the mouth and bite are also taken.

How do I get Medicaid braces at Dr. Gorin’s office?

Dr. Gorin will send your orthodontic records and a comprehensive narrative to Medicaid or your Medicaid managed care plan. Dr. Gorin will describe the orthodontic condition and request the appropriate treatment from Medicaid.

Do I automatically get Medicaid braces because Dr. Gorin requests it?

The final decision comes from a consultant that interprets the Medicaid orthodontic guidelines and how they apply to your case. Although there are very specific guidelines, they are open to interpretation. It is for this reason that Dr. Gorin takes great pride and care in preparing the request for orthodontic care for each and every patient.

What happens if I am denied Medicaid orthodontic treatment (braces)?

You are entitled to appeal the decision made by Medicaid or the Medicaid managed plan. Dr. Gorin is an expert at preparing and submitting your orthodontic records as well as the request for orthodontic treatment to Medicaid. If a disappointing decision is returned by Medicaid, Dr. Gorin will personally handle your appeal.

What if my Medicaid orthodontic appeal is denied?

You are entitled to a Fair Hearing. Call Dr. Gorin immediately upon receiving a denial of an appeal. You have only a short period of time to request a Fair hearing, where a judge reviews the facts of your case and rules. Dr. Gorin will put you in touch with a community advocate that will assist you every step of the way. Dr. Gorin will work closely with your advocate to make certain you receive everything that you are entitled to.

What happens if I am denied orthodontic treatment and I want to pay Dr. Gorin directly?

Dr. Gorin is extremely sensitive to how disappointed the parents of a child that has been denied Medicaid orthodontic treatment must be. Dr. Gorin wants very much to make treatment possible and available. Dr. Gorin will extend every courtesy possible and also offer manageable payment plans so that every child may receive the orthodontic care that is required.

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